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About Airside Medicals

Before you can be issued with an airside driving permit you will need to pass an airside driving medical to ensure you are fit and healthy enough to do the job safely. This examination is required for all personnel who will be driving vehicles within the perimeter designated as airside. This can include the runways, access areas and outer roads.  

Airside Medicals exist to ensure that basic medical requirements are met. These requirements have been set by occupational health providers together with the Department for Transport (DfT) and are based on the risks involved with driving in the airport environment. 

As there are a whole host of vehicles used in airside operations, a medical is required for anyone wanting a permit to drive within the airside environment, this includes class 1 (less than 3.5 tonnes) or class 2 vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes). 

How often do you need an airside medical?

Depending on the operator you work for, you may need to undergo additional risk assessments and occupational health checks, but as a basic requirement, the airside driving medical will generally need to be renewed every 3 years. 

The requirements for airside medical examinations may also depend on the occupational age limits of the vehicle you are driving, your current state of health and whether you have had a driving accident or incident at work. 

Whats included in my medical?

The exact format of your medical will depend upon several factors including whether this is your first medical and if you have any existing health conditions. In general, you can expect your airside driving medical to check that you meet the required standards for:

What should i bring to my medical?

License of Passport

medication Taken

Any relevant
hospital letters

Any Glasses/
Contacts worn

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