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About Taxi Medicals

A taxi medical is a medical evaluation a taxi driver must undergo to verify fitness. Before a licence is granted, you must prove you are physically well enough to operate a vehicle. If you operate a private hire car or hackney carriage, then you must get a medical assessment according to council requirements. 

The purpose of this exam is to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users. Therefore, you must pass your medical to meet DVLA standards. Motor Medicals is a leading provider of taxi driver medical assessments in the UK. Check the list of councils that have approved our driver medicals.

Our GMC registered doctors conduct taxi medicals depending on your licence requirements.

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Whats included in my medical?

When you undergo a D4 driver medical, you’ll need to complete a medical history questionnaire and undergo a physical examination. The physical examination includes an eyesight test using a Snellen chart, as well as a blood pressure check to ensure it meets DVLA standards.

In terms of vision, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirement of 6/7.5 in one eye and 6/60 in the other, as measured on a 3-metre Snellen chart. If you wear driving glasses or contact lenses, please bring them along with your current prescription to the medical assessment.

In order to meet the DVLA group 2 standard, your blood pressure must not consistently exceed 179/99. This means that if your systolic blood pressure is consistently 180 or higher, or your diastolic blood pressure is consistently 100 or higher, you will not meet the required standard.

During the medical history questionnaire, you’ll be asked about various medical conditions, such as epilepsy, seizures, insulin-treated diabetes, and other health issues. Some conditions, if managed, will not affect your application.

Based on your medical history, medications, and the results of your examination, our doctor will complete your D4 form.

Typically, the entire process takes around 15 minutes to complete

What should i bring?

proof of address eg bank statement or utility bill


Medical summary/ records


We check your medical summary and remind you to bring your medical summary. We will go through medication, previous tests and conditions

When should I renew my taxi medical?

Taxi drivers are required to renew their medical license when they first pass, then every 5 years. Some councils require a renewal every 3 years

Priced at just £53

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How do i book?

Our booking process is simple!

We will need some information about yourself including an email, phone number and your home address.


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James Allen

I have an extensive cardiac history. Doctor made sure to take his time and talk me through everything. Very calm doctor, he took his time and medical was done to a really high standard. Highly recommend these guys. Will be using you going forward.

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Will be recommending this to all my co workers, super impressed with the efficiency and professionalism

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Great price, staff are super helpful on the phone lines. Lots of slots available

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Very pleased with service, the medical centre was very clean and the examiner was very thorough. All around exceptional service from staff