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About ML5 Seafarers Medicals

A Seafarer medical report ML5 is a medical certificate that’s required for seafarers working onboard a ship in the UK.

It’s mandatory, if you want to work on a ship, that your medical fitness is up to par. The ML5 medical is a requirement for anyone onboarding a sea vessel especially for a prolonged lifespan.

It confirms that a seafarer is medically fit to work at sea.

You can book your ML5 medical with our trust supplier Motor Medicals here.

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All our doctors are well trained in carrying out ML5 medicals and are GMC registered. We take pride in ensuring an efficient service. our reviews speak for themselves.

We complete your entire ML5 medical near you (inc the eye test) for only £75

What does the ML5 seafarers medical process involve?

First, we will ask you various questions about your medical history. We will also check your current weight and height, along with doing a comprehensive physical examination. Our doctors will also check the blood pressure, and they will do an eye test. That also includes a color vision test. These tests are extremely important, because they can help identify any problems, while removing any downsides or problems that arise.

Who Needs an ML5

In particular, the ML5 medical certificate is for:
The ML5 seafarers medical is a very comprehensive process, for a very good reason. When you enter a boat for a prolonged timespan, you need to have a very good medical fitness. The ML5 seafarers medical is designed to ensure you don’t have any of those problems.

Priced at just £75

How do i book my Medical?

Our booking process is simple!

We will need some information about yourself including an email, phone number and your home address.

What’s Involved in a ML5 Seafarers Medical?

Questions About Your Medical History

Height, weight & BMI

Physical Examination

Blood pressure & pulse check

Eye Test including colour vision test

What should i bring to my medical?

Your Photo ID

The ML5 Medical Form

Any Details Of Medical Conditions You Have And What Medication You Are Taking

The Driving Glasses, Prescription And Any Contact Lenses You Are Using

These are mandatory for the ML5 seafarers medical, because they can make it easier to figure out if there are any ongoing health issues. Also, we can see whether any action is being taken against these medical issues, you are doing any treatment and so on. That’s an important aspect and certainly something you have to keep in mind.

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James Allen

I have an extensive cardiac history. Doctor made sure to take his time and talk me through everything. Very calm doctor, he took his time and medical was done to a really high standard. Highly recommend these guys. Will be using you going forward.

Richard Wales

Will be recommending this to all my co workers, super impressed with the efficiency and professionalism

Naurth Reough

Great price, staff are super helpful on the phone lines. Lots of slots available

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Very pleased with service, the medical centre was very clean and the examiner was very thorough. All around exceptional service from staff